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What Happens When Malls Fail to Redevelop?

During the Covid-19 shutdown in April 2020, like other businesses, malls were hit hard. Shopping malls were already seeing a decrease in in-store shopping before the pandemic due to e-commerce sites like Amazon, Wayfair, and eBay. Enter a global pandemic, and it would almost certainly create a recipe for failure-or so we thought. 

Broken, abandoned elevator located at Hawthorne Mall in Hawthorne, California.

By Kris Adler
Brea Chamber of Commerce

The Evolving Mall’s Impact on the Economy and Consumer Behavior

Welcome to the 1980s: There are Malls Everywhere! Shopping centers in America were first introduced in the early 1900s and developed with consumer interest in mind – a place for people to get their shopping…

By Kailey Gaffikin
Brea Chamber of Commerce

Why Development is Vital to the Future of a City

Why Development is Vital to the Future of a City In Orange County, residential development projects are proposed across California to address the state’s urgent need for accessible and affordable housing. As proposed developments reach…

New development in progress undergoing construction

By Kailey Gaffikin
Brea Chamber of Commerce

Brea Chamber Launches SOURCE

Welcome to Source, the trusted information source for the Brea business community. This new resource is just one of many new initiatives that the Brea Chamber of Commerce is launching to serve the business community,…

By Eric Padilla
Owner, Palatable Promotions
Chair of the Board, Brea Chamber of Commerce

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