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Brea Chamber Launches SOURCE

June 27, 2022

Welcome to Source, the trusted information source for the Brea business community.

This new resource is just one of many new initiatives that the Brea Chamber of Commerce is launching to serve the business community, and the larger Brea community. Look for regular updates on key issues relative to business, public policy, and community issues that impact us all. Consider us a trusted conduit to unpack for you the sometimes complex and involved issues that you want to know more about.

I remember the first board meeting I walked into. It was in October of 2013 and I was there on behalf of my previous employer. They had a board seat and had recommended I join and start to grow and network in the community. I networked to increase my sales sheet but quickly found out that the Chamber allowed me to do much more.

Through my involvement with the Brea Chamber, I continued to learn about leadership, about advocacy, local government practices and personal development. I walked in a very green, excited and anxious 28-year-old and now at 37 years old, I am proud and humbled to call myself the Chairman of the Board. I enjoy advocating for businesses who are eager to invest in our community, I enjoy speaking to small business owners who have visions of scaling their business, I enjoy knowing what’s going on in my community and how it will impact the residents and local businesses.

I’ve learned through my involvement that the best leaders are those that lead by example and allow their supporting staff to shine. Micromanaging is not something that anyone enjoys and quite frankly, it’s not needed when you trust and respect your colleagues. I’ve witnessed numerous conversations behind closed doors that demonstrated to me that it’s okay to have a different opinion, we just need to be able to discuss it respectfully and professionally. I have allowed my experiences and dialogue with my Chamber counterparts to shape me into the leader and business owner that I am today.

I am elated at the future of the Brea Chamber of Commerce. Our new CEO, Lacy Schoen, has a vision filled with robust and valuable business programming, advocacy, support for a healthy workforce and thinking of new and exciting ways to support our members. We will be launching new initiatives that support a full rebound from Covid and more business programming that hits on the vital issues impacting business in Brea, the region and the state.

If you are a current member, I invite you to join me in my excitement for the future of the Brea Chamber of Commerce. We encourage you to stay engaged with us and to provide your invaluable feedback, because this is your organization and our biggest goal is to make sure we are a vital resource in each businesses success toolbox, from multi-billion dollar corporations, all the way to the smallest solopreneur. If you are not a member, I invite you to join us on our journey. The future looks bright and I am proud to be part of the next iteration of the Brea Chamber of Commerce. 

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